Community of Fellows

To those like you who are deeply committed to making an impact, public service is more than a compassionate gesture: it is an obligation. As you work to improve the lives and conditions of individuals, communities, and organizations throughout the country, we ask you to also bring your experience back with you to the Harvard community.

From your travels, your observations, and the knowledge you will gain as a Presidential Public Service Fellow, you will have a great deal to share. In so doing, you will inspire others to follow in your footsteps and provide valuable insights that could inform future programming.  

At the same time, we wish to broaden and strengthen your own sense of connectedness with others at Harvard. As a Fellow, you will be part of a network of leaders, with opportunities to make, learn from, and establish lasting contacts with those who also have gone through this experience. In addition, you will be invited to events throughout the year, including the Spring Luncheon for new Fellows and the Fall Reflection Luncheon, at which you will be an integral participant while also being honored for your commitment to public service.

Our goal is to ensure that others benefit from your work and learning, just as you will benefit from your experience as a Fellow.